Your Final Act Before the Final Trumpet

Your Final Act Before the Final Trumpet

When Jesus foretold the time when not a single stone of that majestic temple in Jerusalem would rest upon another, the disciples asked for signs which would precede the destruction of that temple and the end of Judaism (Mark 13:4; Luke 21:7). The Lord gave at least eight distinct signs which would come before that event. He then foretold of another event which would happen for which there was one single sign to announce its coming. Jesus spoke of a day when, not the temple, but heaven and earth would pass away. He gave no sign for that day, for it will come as an unannounced thief (Mark 13:31- 32).

It will happen when men are doing things which happen all the time—eating, drinking, marrying and weddings. It will be unannounced and will come when no one is expecting it to happen (Matt. 24:44). What is happening on that day will be the same things which happen every other day. What kinds of events will be happening when Jesus returns?

When Jesus returns, some will be sitting in worship. Every day there are gatherings of Christians in various time zones around the world like Bible classes, devotions, gospel meetings, lectureships and special church events. This was brought home to me when I preached in Columbus, Ohio, several years ago. A brother prayed, “Lord, if you are assembling your angels right now to come to judge the world, we beg you to wait long enough for brother Dan to finish his sermon and let us sing one more song.” It could happen. It is truly possible that He will come before the end of an evangelistic sermon.

When Jesus comes, some will be attending a funeral. For all the reasons given above, just imagine what it would be like to be at a funeral or at a graveside when that shout comes from heaven. All of the grieving which accompanies these events will be meaningless. Such thoughts should help us deal with the loss of our loved ones. It is truly possible that He will come before a funeral filled with grief ends.

When Jesus comes, some will be involved in sinful actions. Imagine those who are cursing and blaspheming God and His holy name just as the last trumpet sounds. Imagine those who are involved in sexual immorality as the shout from heaven comes. It is possible that just as words profaning His name leave someone’s lips the heavens will be rolled up as a scroll.

When He comes, many will be involved in “washing the feet” of those around them. What a joy to think that when He comes we will be doing right. Think about this. Live every minute of every day knowing that that minute is when He might come!


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