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October 17-20

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The Benefits of Being a Faithful Christian

Being children of God by faith in Christ Jesus is amazing to say the least. So many today, because of a lack of knowledge, have left the clear language of the Bible. Denominational jargon has not only infiltrated, but has overtaken the people of God in many locations. No longer is there a pure language among many in the church (Zeph. 3:9). Many have adopted the language of Ashdod, as the Israelites did when they left the Lord (Neh. 13:24).…

The Bible Speaks To Husbands

The struggle in our society to deal with changing roles in marriage should be lain squarely at the feet of husbands. The failure to live according to the Divine paradigm has produced a host of single moms, a generation of delinquent children, and a public willing to pass off every conceivable perversion as a “marriage.” If we are to reclaim a sense of godliness in design for a partnership that began in the Garden, men must step up to their…

The Righteous Shall Be Stronger And Stronger

Some of the most amazing words of faith found anywhere in Scripture are from the book of Job. Destroyed though innocent, Job concluded that only one had the power to bring such swift destruction. Why did God count him as an enemy (13:24; 19:11)? Why was God persecuting him (16:9)? Why was God crushing him without a cause (9:17)? Finite of mind and lacking all knowledge, Job was unaware that the adverse of God and man had swallowed him whole…

Is Life Worth Living?

How many times have you thought about your death? We might think how, when, and where is it going to happen. But what happens after we die? Some might think we are reincarnated. Others think there is nothing, we are just dead. As Christians we know there is a God who is ruler and judge of all. We know that one of two things will happen: we will either die and our spirit will go back to God, or Christ…