Dissecting a Servant’s Heart

Dissecting a Servant’s Heart

What is it that sets a servant-hearted person apart from everyone else? What could I do to become more servant-hearted? Jesus said that He “did not come to be served, but to serve” (Matt. 20:28). That demands introspection! Am I a true servant? I should want to be a servant! But how?

After many long years of sacrificial service to others, a faithful and active child of God passed from this life. To discover what made this Christian so servant-hearted, her heart was taken and dissected. Here is what was found. Does my heart look like this?

The first very noticeable feature of this servant’s heart was that the outside was covered with eyes that were open and fervently looking for opportunities to serve. Does my heart look like that?

As the dissection opened this servant’s heart, there were many interesting discoveries inside. The first overflowing compartment explored was full of amazing attitudes and qualities. Inside was an abundance of agape love, humility, compassion, mercy, peace, joy, happiness, satisfaction, willingness, eagerness. Does my heart have a compartment like that?

Further examination of this servant’s heart found a huge collection of various items, including a stack of worn-out church directories, sick lists that had been cut out of church bulletins, a calendar that had intentionally-marked open times to search for people to serve, several sets of stationery and postage stamps, work gloves that were falling apart, a genuine smile, and a variety of small gifts to give away. Does my heart have these kinds of items in it?

One of the most intriguing finds in this servant’s heart was a storehouse of favorite words, such as: “Yes!” “Thank you for asking!” “I’d love to!” “It is my pleasure!” “Whatever you need!” “I’m coming over right now!” “Please, let me!” “I’m praying for you!” “What else?” Does my heart have these expressions of service in it?

In the dissection process, it was interesting what was not found in this servant’s heart. Certain things were noticeably absent, like selfishness, conceit, bitterness, envy, jealousy, a spotlight, a mirror, a trophy, a stopwatch and pathetic excuses. Does my heart have things like that in it?

After pealing back all of the layers and examining the treasure-trove of unique qualities permeating this heart, the very center was reached. The nucleus powering this servant’s heart was opened. Do you know what was inside? Jesus! This

servant’s heart was focused on Jesus, was trying to live like Jesus, was trying to please Jesus. Again, I must wonder, does my heart look like that?

Friend, do you (do I) have a servant’s heart?


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